Not closed, not black but a living sea

This video provides a general profile of the Black Sea under a fisheries and aquaculture perspective. It gives an overview of the characteristics of this peculiar marine basin and of the main challenges for successful examples of sustainable aquaculture in the Black Sea and highlights the potentialities of the sector, not only for food security but for social and economic aspects. In the region, aquaculture development is not homogenous and this is reflected in the diverse maturity stages of the industry. However, there are success cases that can be shared and tailored to various local requirements and conditions. The GFCM, through its Scientific Advisory Committee on Aquaculture and its Working Group on the Black Sea, contributes to the formulation of scientific and technical advice to enhance interactions between aquaculture and environment while ensuring animal health and welfare. Moreover, the Aquaculture Demonstrative Centres, a GFCM initiative, enable to coordinate activities and provide capacity-building, demonstrative interventions and technical assistance to countries in order to ensure that aquaculture is developed in a modern and sustainable way.


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